Leading international shipyard and drydock agents, providing shipbuilding and repairs as well as marine services and products.

Shipyards and drydocks

As leading ship marketing agents operating worldwide, we’re proud to connect you with some of the best international shipyard companies, giving you access to quality marine services that suit your ships’ schedules and requirements.

Some of our busiest shipyards to work with as agents are those owned by the highly esteemed Drydocks World Group, the PaxOcean Group and Lisnave Shipyard, leading the way in quality, safety and vessel delivery technology.

With 29 international shipyards represented, we offer project management for your ship builds, repairs and maintenance across the following locations:

If you’re planning a ship build, repairs or maintenance work, browse our locations and get in touch on 01903 748860 for more information.

  • Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield
  • Lisnave Shipyard
  • Cassar Shipyard Malta
  • Nauta Shipyard
  • Tersan Shipyard
  • Drydocks World, Dubai
  • Pax Ocean, Singapore
  • Pax Ocean, indonesia
  • Beihai Shipyard, Qingdao
  • CSSC Chengxi Xinrong
  • CSSC Chengxi Jiangyin
  • Pax Ocean, Zhoushan
  • CSSC Guangzhou Wenchong
  • Yiu Lian Shipyard
  • Yiu Lian Weihai
  • Yiu Lian Shekou
  • Yiu Lian Hong Kong
  • Fujian Shipyard
  • Ciramar