Heat Exchangers & Air Coolers

Marine Heat Exchangers & Air Coolers

As reputable ship repair marketing agents, we manage the installation, quality control and maintenance of your heat exchangers and air coolers, for both new and reconditioned parts.

We’ve partnered with the premier supplier of heat exchangers and air coolers, AMI Exchangers, offering tailored products installed by their expert teams.

With over 25 years experience, they design, make and supply you with all their own products, ensuring quality and a reliable service, no matter what you need.

AMI Exchangers

The team at AMI are truly innovative and work to the highest standards whilst offering a complete service worldwide. All heat exchangers and air coolers will be delivered with inspection reports and quality checks, so you’re assured of the quality at point of sale.

Proud to work with the world’s largest manufacturer, we help manage your design, manufacture and supply of the following:

  • Charge air coolers
  • Shell and tube exchangers
  • Plate heat
  • Exchangers
  • Air handling units
  • Onboard services
  • Vibrasonic cleaning

These exchangers and air handling services can be provided directly to your vessel, or arranged to be delivered at a shipyard. These products are suitable for all marine clients, including container ships, commercial ships, military vessels, cruise ships, tankers and fleets, working in the global oil and gas, energy and process industries.

With a wide range on offer and tailored options, we’re confident we can help with your installation and repairs. To arrange your heat exchangers and air cooler requirements, please call today on 01903 748860.

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