Ship Component Reconditioning

Ship Component Reconditioning

Calvey Marine represent global component suppliers and have quick access to a wide range of stock for the full reconditioning of vessels in the marine, offshore and automotive industries, including advanced piston crown reconditioning for marine diesel engines.

As part of our service, we always supply top quality parts, exchange them for worn parts and provide leading surface treatments through our excellent relationships with shipyards and suppliers.

The process of reconditioning should be applied to ships as necessary to keep them operating and profitable, whilst fulfilling the latest regulations and governing body requirements.

Get in touch today on 01903 748860 for availability; we’re able to help with your project at very short notice.

Reconditioning services

We offer surface coating and rigorous inspection procedures, along with a total reconditioning system that brings components back to their original dimensions and tolerances. This increases their life cycle and reduces the chance of future problems with quality and performance.

Our core services have an excellent reputation and are completed alongside inspection procedures including Lloyds, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approvals:

  • Supply and surface treatment of new and worn liners
  • Supply and surface treatment of new and worn piston crowns
  • Supply and surface treatment of new and worn exhaust valve spindles, seats and cages
  • Supply and surface treatment of cylinder heads and covers

Reconditioned parts are critical in keeping engines running for longer periods and are a particularly cost effective solution for shipowners; parts can be worked on at a prearranged docking or can be scheduled in specifically at the worldwide shipyards we represent.

We operate as a one stop shop for surface engineering, with a wide range of coatings available; benefit from our additional convenience and efficiency.


Our stocklist is updated weekly; please get in touch for current availability. We typically have a wide range of pistons, liners, valves, seats, cylinder covers and fuel equipment to meet your requirements:

  • Two stroke and four stroke piston crowns
  • Piston rings
  • Two stroke cylinder covers
  • Liners
  • Exhaust valve spindles, seats and cages
  • Piston rods
  • Exchange pool
  • Fuel equipment
  • Cast iron welding

We can deliver these supply and exchange services for ‘off the shelf’ components to the shipping industry from strategic worldwide locations.


With Calvey Marine to assist, you will have access to ship repair and procurement services globally, and worldwide shipyards available in 29 key locations.

  • Offshore Inland Marine & Oilfield
  • Lisnave Shipyard
  • Cassar Shipyard Malta
  • Nauta Shipyard
  • Tersan Shipyard
  • Drydocks World, Dubai
  • Pax Ocean, Singapore
  • Pax Ocean, indonesia
  • Beihai Shipyard, Qingdao
  • CSSC Chengxi Xinrong
  • CSSC Chengxi Jiangyin
  • Pax Ocean, Zhoushan
  • CSSC Guangzhou Wenchong
  • Yiu Lian Shipyard
  • Yiu Lian Weihai
  • Yiu Lian Shekou
  • Yiu Lian Hong Kong
  • Fujian Shipyard
  • Ciramar