Repairs and Maintenance in Singapore? We’ve got you covered.

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18th June 2021 2 min read

Part of our mission at Calvey Marine is to support our Clients with establishing a secure network of trusted maintenance and repair companies for their vessels, globally. To this end I would like to introduce our esteemed Principals based in Singapore, Brightsun Marine PTE; Repairs and Maintenance in Singapore? We’ve got you covered.

Brightsun PTE”, offer a very wide range of mechanical and electrical services and provide labour to most of the yards in Singapore whilst receiving much of the yards’ equipment for repairs and reconditioning. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Brightsun have continued to be industry leaders and provide unrivalled support to the marine industry:

1. In 2020, Brightsun completed 160 afloat repair projects, 86 engine overhauls and reconditioning of 561 units

2. In 2020, Brightsun serviced 25 new Clients

3. in 2020 Brighstun implemented rigorous Safety Management Monitoring control measures in light of Covid-19

4. Brightsun are developing a proposed Robotic Laser Cladding as part of a new exciting initiative to best support their Clients

Below is a short list of services that are regularly provided:-

  • Engine Components reconditioning.
  • Marine, Electrical, and automation services, motor rewinding.
  • Marine mechanical services.
  • Machine shop and in-situ marine services.
  • Insulation and cladding services.
  • Piping services.
  • Steelwork services.
  • Specialised services, laser alignment, infrared imaging, vibration analysis.
  • Riding squads

If your vessel trades in Singapore; Brightsun PTE are the contacts you need to have. Please get in touch with us at your leisure to discuss further how these Principals can support your needs.