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5th April 2023 2 min read

“Our mission at Calvey Marine is to support our Clients with establishing a secure network of trusted maintenance and repair companies for their vessels, globally. To this end I would like to reintroduce our esteemed Principals based in Singapore, Brightsun Marine PTE.”

Jessica Black, Business development director

Who are Brightsun?

Brightsun offer a very wide range of mechanical and electrical services, as well as providing labour to most of the shipyards in Singapore and receiving much of the yards’ equipment for repairs and reconditioning.

In the Far East – Why Brightsun?

Previously, docking and engine part reconditioning in China was broadly considered more cost effective than Singapore and so unless emergency repairs were required immediately in Singapore, we found that China has dominated this market. However, these times seem to have passed and we know that in many cases the costs for engine component reconditioning in China has surpassed the prices in Singapore. In particular, the transport and custom charges on top of the reconditioning prices are making prices obtained from the China region, often now more expensive. In other instances, some reconditioning companies have moved their factories far out of the city making transport charges even higher. Considering these market conditions, ship owners and managers can now increasingly benefit from Brightsun’s exceptional quality of work, customer centric approach and industry leading facilities with reassurance that they are also receiving a competitively priced solution for their vessel.

If your vessels visit the Far East and require the following, why not see for yourself?

–           Engine Components reconditioning.
–           Marine, Electrical, and automation services, motor rewinding.
–           Marine mechanical services.
–           Machine shop and in-situ marine services.
–           Insulation and cladding services.
–           Piping services.
–           Steelwork services.
–           Specialised services, laser alignment, infrared imaging, vibration analysis.
–           Riding squads

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