Marine & Ship Boilers

Marine & Ship Boilers

On-board installation, service and repair of boilers

At Calvey Marine, we understand the importance of having on-board marine boilers that increase capacity, reduce emissions and cut your costs. This is why we work with Greens Power to provide you with truly innovative technology.

We manage your purchase, manufacture and installation of boilers and heat recovery systems that benefit from:

  • High class and compact designs
  • Long life cycles
  • Large capacities

These products can be designed for merchant and naval vessels, including cruise liners, tankers, container ships and frigates. Once installed, we can also negotiate your after sales support, such as planned repairs or 24/7 emergency response.

Working with Greens Power (est. 1821).

This highly reputable UK-based company’s products and services are exported and utilised throughout the world.

Known for quality and reliability in economisers and waste heat recovery, we work with Green’s Power to manage the manufacture, installation, service and repair of:

  • Waste Heat Boilers
  • Economisers
  • Marine Boilers (spanner, Diescon exhaust gas, fired boilers)
  • Finned Tubes & HRSG’s

These boilers and products can be installed on a wide range of vessels and can be tailor manufactured to your specifications.

To begin the process, get in touch with us at Calvey Marine today on 01903 748860. You can also browse the official Greens Power website below to learn more about item specifications and builds.

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