China shipyards submit full marketing proposals offering Clients their most attractive solutions

Posted on
31st July 2023 2 min read

Calvey Marine represent a number of carefully selected and esteemed shipyards in China, in strategic positions from North to South.

Since 2020 (and despite the Covid restrictions long being lifted) we have noticed a significant decline in the number of enquiries for drydocking repairs in this region. As a result, and due to the worldwide shortage of dockspace outside this region, we are working with our China based Principals to offer increased benefits to owners choosing to dock their vessels at their facilities. These benefits consist of carefully decided discounts, deviation considerations, and increased investment in facilities and capabilities. Our Principals are most keen to work with us to understand our valued Client’s feedback and provide the very best and most competitive/attractive solutions to UK vessel managers and owners.

Five shipyards represented by Calvey Marine in the China region have already reverted with their full marketing proposals on how to offer our Clients their most attractive solutions; if you would like to receive this information in simple Matrix format for each shipyard for your consideration and future plans, please do get in touch.