Yiu Lian Shipyard Director’s Visit

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12th October 2023 2 min read

In September of 2023 Calvey Marine Directors Steven and Suzanne visited Calvey Principals YiuLian Shekou Shipyard, China. Calvey has represented YiuLian’s facilities since 1998 and more recently have worked with the yard to support their Clients secure mutually beneficial fleet agreements.

Yiu Lian Shekou is the biggest ship repair yard in China. Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Limited, founded in 1989, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the impressive China Merchants Industry Holdings Co, Ltd Group. A ship and offshore repair yard, Yiu Lian Shekou also offers complete repair services for oil rigs and other offshore structures and has extensive experience in steel work, coating and painting, machinery maintenance, oil tank conversion and offshore repairs and conversions. This yard, with its wide experience and high-quality teamwork, has successfully completed repair of a wide variety of vessels and rigs and is most popular with our valued UK Clients.

The yard covers a total area of 700,000M2 in the Pearl River delta, and operates along the coastline of 3,400m berths pls two VLC docks with capacities of 30,000DWFT and over 300,000DWT respectively and has two original floating docks which can handle vessels of 70,000DWT and 30,000DWT respectively.

Yiu Lian also operates a yard in Zhoushan which is equipped with brand new facilities and an experienced workforce, making it optimal for all types of ship repair works, ship conversion and Offshore projects with excellent quality and competitive prices. There is also a sister yard in Hong Kong which is one of the most popular ship repair facilitiess in the Far East. This yard operates three floating docks with a huge capacity for vessels of all sizes and benefits from technical expertise and exceptional offshore marine services.


After being hosted by the yard for a week and to attend Client drydockings, what was clear to Calvey was the yard’s customer centric and proactive approach focusing around safety, quality and innovation. These core factors underpin the yard’s operations and ensure that their goal is to not only complete each project with pride in adherence with their values, but to build long standing relationship with each ship owner and manager.

Future plans and LNG Focus

The yard is ISO 9000 registered with regard to management and is certified to conform to quality management system standard ISO9002, ISO9001:2000, and OHSMS 2003 and 2007.

The senior management are very keen to provide continuous improvements to their operating systems, protocols, and facilities in order to be able to compete with the major worldwide yards such as is available in Singapore.

In recent years the yard has invested heavily in LNG Cryogenic workshops and clean workshop areas. These are extremely clean, with filtered and air-conditioned air with airlock type entry. The yard has had GTT approval since 2012.

Yiu Lian has carried out repairs to 55 LNG vessels in the last 8 years and the “Pan Africa” from Seapeak LNG Glasgow was in dock during our visit, for 1st Special Survey.

In addition, the Stena Impression was in the yard for extensive tank coating repairs. This is the 4th vessel from Northern Marine in the last 2 years and the clients have been applying both Flexline and Marine Line coatings to their vessels.

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At a glance

All you need to know about the Yiu Lian dockyard

Yiu Lian Shekhou is one of 4 repair facilities owned by China Merchants. The other yards are Yiu Lian Weihai  North China, Yiu Lian Zhoushan, central China and Yiu Lian Hong Kong.

Only Yiu Lian Shekhou is focused on the LNG repairs and conversions and is seen as the leading yard in China for LNG vessels. Yiu Lian have also invested heavily in the development of the yard’s capabilities and are able to offer the following services to clients:-

  • Repair and modification of all types of standard ocean-going vessels.
  • Repair and modification of high end vessels such as VLCC, large container ships, FPSO,FSO,LNG, Offshore oil
  • Drilling platforms, cruise ships
  • Ballast Water Treatment retrofit
  • Scrubber retrofit
  • Skysails
  • Solar panel installation
  • Air lubrication systems
  • Rotor sails
  • Dual fuel conversion
  • Nitrogen gas up for LNG tanks