Green’s Power News; your marine boiler specialists

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29th July 2021 2 min read

It is our pleasure to update you on our valued Principals at Green’s Power, in hope they might be able to provide their exceptional support to your vessels in the future. Below, please find a summary of their recent activities and a reminder of the products and services they can support with.

In Summary;

  • Green’s Power continue to supply spares parts for all makes and model of boiler/burner.
  • They are available to assist 24/7 for boiler service and repair with teams based in UK, Europe and Asia
  • Green’s have been supporting ships all over the world during the Pandemic and continue to do so.
  • As well as service and repair, Green’s design and manufacture economisers, waste heat boilers, superheaters and other pressure parts.
  • Greens Power have two sites in UK; Design and manufacture in Wakefield and Service Centre in Prudhoe.
  • Despite the global difficulties during the Pandemic, Green’s is proud to boast continuous investment in people and machinery

-Proactive and reactive maintenance





-Provision of damage reports

-Equipment commissioning

-Project management
-Fault finding investigations


-Metallurgical and NDE services

-Coded welding

-Pipework design and fabrication

– Inspections and surveys provided by Green’s dedicated, highly qualified team enable organisations to identify current and potential problems with their boilers and ancillary equipment so that they can be addressed before they become overly costly issues or result in avoidable outages.

– Available for worldwide mobilisation 365 days of the year, Green’s team are experts at inspecting, assessing and checking boilers are performing as they should and operating to optimum efficiency. Potential problems found and associated recommendations are made as part of a detailed technical report so that plans can be put in place, unnecessary cost and downtime is kept to a minimum and boiler life is extended.

– To maximise convenience, Green’s undertake boiler inspections during customers’ planned downtime or maintenance periods wherever possible. We offer systematic boiler inspections, asset integrity assessment, failure analysis, chemical cleaning, repair and a variety of other services that can be tailored to meet specific needs.

– The dedicated team of technical sales engineers provides professional quotations, usually within 24 hours and offer a variety of delivery options to meet your requirements. Many items can be dispatched immediately from their comprehensive stocks or from their preferred suppliers around the world.


Gauge glasses, Gauge cocks, Manifolds, Floats, Floats chambers, Probes, Modulating feed valves, Cones, packing, sleeves and gaskets, Controllers


Electrodes, Flame scanners, Oil nozzles, Air pressure switches, Ignition transformers, Gasket sets, O-ring sets, Gas valves, Hoses, Oil pumps, Fans and impellers, Solenoid valves, Micro switches


Safety valves, Blowdown valves, auto and ­­manual, Check valves, Feed angle valves, Main and secondary isolation valves, Sample cooler, Boiler and hand-hole doors, Boiler pressure gauge, Inspection ports


Control and automation, Refractory: mouldable and castable, Ceramic blankets,
Boiler tube cleaning,
equipment, Flexible bellows, Blowdown vessels, Boiler tubes: H fin, spiral fin and plain, Headers and other pressure parts, Pumps, Trace heating and oil heaters, Meters – steam, water and fuel

Should we be able to support in any of your above requirements please do not hesitate to contact us; we would be delighted for the opportunity and pleased to support.